A Writer’s Dream


Megan Walsh, a CK reporter, recently published her first novel, The Demise of the Brain Chip.

Megan Walsh, a CK reporter, recently published her first novel, The Demise of the Brain Chip.

The story takes place in a futuristic world, where schools are replaced by brain chips, which hold information. Destiny Donahue is the granddaughter of the brain chip maker and founder, and she learns the popularity isn't always a good thing throughout her adventures in the story. Though she's only 13, Megan's love and passion for writing brought her science fiction story from an idea to the shelves of Tattered Cover bookstore, as well as online booksellers Amazon and KidsPub Press, the publisher of her novel.


However, writing a full-length novel is harder than you might think!


"I remember a lot of times where I had long periods where I just didn't write anything," she recalled of her encounter with "writer's block." She said, "I got frustrated quite a bit because I just didn't know what would happen next, so I just kind-of-sort-of threw the plotline in a few different directions."


Megan added, "I think it would have been better if I had actually planned before I started writing because then I would've been able to write every day, which would've gotten it done a lot faster."


But even after the time it took to write the first draft, Megan still had a long ways to go. Once she wrote her book, the publication process that took over a year began. After purchasing a publication package from KidsPub, she and the main editor of KidsPub got to work editing and revising the novel (three times in all), designing the cover, and all of those details that needed to be taken care of before the book could be published and distributed.


When asked what she thought the most surprising thing she learned during this experience, Megan replied, "It's hard to choose one thing because the whole thing taught me so much. Probably how encouraged I was to keep writing and how I could just lose myself in the world of my book."


To young authors, Megan advises, "Don't let 'writer's block' get in your way. Write every day. Even if it's not in your novel, write anyway! And follow your dreams." This learning curve for Megan is one that any kid who loves to write can venture on!