A Girl and Her Band


 A Girl and Her Band is an organization that makes and sells sports hair ties and headbands.

 A Girl and Her Band is an organization that makes and sells sports hair ties and headbands.

The organization donates a portion of their profit every month to different non-profit organizations. Some of the organizations that they donate to include Bags of Fun, which gives “Bags of Fun” to children with cancer in different hospitals. The Bags of Fun are bags filled with electronics and toys to give to kids with cancer. Another non-profit organization that they donate to is Girls Above Society, which is an organization that provides mentorship to girls that don’t have much support from their families.

Their sports headbands are headbands that are machine washable and won’t slip off girls’ heads. They sell two types of sports headbands: Fancy Bands and Custom Bands. Fancy Bands are headbands that they create, and have lots of different kinds, to include glitter headbands and different patterns on them. Their headbands are made for sports- they are completely sweat absorbent and machine washable.  They just purchase ribbon with the design that they want to make the band out of, and sew the ribbon to get the headband. The custom bands are headbands that the customer gets to create by using a graphic designer that works with the customer. These can be completely from scratch of logos for companies and schools. 

A Girl and Her Band sells only hair ties and headbands for now, but they want to expand their company more. Casey Whitney, founder of A Girl and Her Band, says “We only sell hair ties and headbands, but we definitely want to expand.  We don’t know exactly how yet, but an idea that we have are to have seminars and we invite girls to talk to them and help girls gain confidence.


When I asked Casey Whitney what inspired her to start her own business, she said that she has always wanted to start and run her own business. She has two daughters and said that she wanted to make something that her girls and their friends could be a part of. Since headbands are so popular, she thought of making and selling them.

Headbands from A Girl and Her Band are range from $14- $18. If you want to buy one, you can order them online at http://www.agirlandherband.com/.