Pacific Rim: Great Graphics, Little Plot


“Pacific Rim” is a film with great graphics and plenty of action. Sadly, they didn’t work hard on the other aspects, diminishing what could have been an amazing movie.

“Pacific Rim” is a film with great graphics and plenty of action. Sadly, they didn’t work hard on the other aspects, diminishing what could have been an amazing movie.


When the first aliens came, it wasn’t from space. They rose out of the depths of the Pacific Ocean, through a rift between worlds.


There were whole legions of monstrous creatures, called Kaijus, destroying cities and killing millions. But we created giant monsters of our own, called Jaegers, controlled by humans from the inside.


One human didn’t have the brain capacity to control a whole Jaeger, so the robot was divided in half, and teams of two would run the machines. We started winning, and the fights turned into entertainment, just another part of everyday life.


But soon the Kaijus evolved, and began to takeover Earth.


We soon learned, they were smarter than we could have ever imagined. They worked together as one, learned from their mistakes, and were powerful enough to destroy all of Earth.


When the monsters begin to win again, the situation becomes dire, and the Jaeger commander is desperate. He turns to his one last hope against the mounting apocalypse, a former Jaeger pilot named Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam). He must select a co-pilot, and he chooses Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), a young girl who is strong and talented, but for unknown reasons, the commander is unwilling to let her in a Jaeger.


Finally, having no other option, he consents. In order to control a Jaeger, two people must connect minds. They can read each other’s minds, and see their memories.


Raleigh and Mako make a perfect team, but they both have tragic past, and they must face each other’s past in order to successfully control a Jaeger. Can they work together and stop the apocalypse, and will it be enough to stop the onslaught Kaijus?


Full of action and intensity, “Pacific Rim” keeps you on edge from start to finish. The graphics were great, bringing everything to life.


Some of the action was very repetitive, and once in awhile I would get tired of the same old fighting scene. Most of the movie is filled with action and fighting, but there are also a few sentimental moments, full of pain and sadness, or sometimes love and joy.


The movie is PG-13 for continuous intense sci-fi action, violence, and language. This rating is accurate, as most of the film is fighting, there are some language issues, and the graphics make it frightening for small children.


If you want an intricate, well-developed plot, then this is not your movie. There was very little plot, and while it all fit together fine, it was mostly fighting, rather than plot development.


There were a few times when you learned a bit more about the characters or monsters, but not many. I was amazed how well done the characters were considering how little of their background you knew. You knew almost nothing about them, but you were still able to get to know them and develop feelings for them.


A few scenes were over the top or out of place, which seemed to be a half-hearted attempt at humor. I think they could’ve done a better job at this. Overall, definitely a go for the graphics, but if you want a well-developed plot and characters, this is not for you. It wasn’t a bad movie, and I enjoyed it, although it could be improved.