A Day At The Denver Art Museum




The Denver Art Museum is the perfect place to visit on a hot summer day, it is an even better when the have a great exhibition to see. On the 9th of June, 2013, the Denver art museum opened the new Nick Cave exhibition to the public.

The exhibition is titled Sojourn, meaning journey this exhibition focuses on taking you on a journey. Inside is very colorful with lots of patterns, beads, wire, gems, sequins, and hundreds more. Right in the middle of the room was what looked like a human chandelier. A lot of nick caves art work was costumes meant to be danced in, but there huge domes with fake birds and thousands of beads being strung over  the top of the costumes, making it way around 30 pounds. That would be very heavy and hard to dance in.

The next room was full with costumes that had millions of white buttons sewn onto the body. On 2 costumes there were big fabric flowers by were the face would be. On a few others there were big head pieces covered with more white buttons that stuck straight into the air. One of the most eye popping costumes in that room was one that had tons of pins put into a spiral near the face.

There were many more features such as a circular thing called a tondo covered with gems and sequins making it look like the night sky, there were also new modern habitats for dogs, and so much more. It is such a great exhibition and it will keep a person entertained a for a hot summer day!



  1. Hey Radley! you may not
    Hey Radley! you may not remember me, but I was on your soccer team with Felicia. Cool article!

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