Art museum


The art museum

The art museum

This is a lovely creation with many colors and many fun and creative works of art. Nick Cave expedition Sojourn. The first thing is beautiful , fun and creative all at the same time like most of the wonderful exhibits are. The color in all of his works blend together so well it is just magnificent . Nick Cave makes these things that he calls soundsuits they are things that can be worn in a dance but some of his soundsuits are made simply for display only.

There is this room it is so full of buttons and it has a little arch. They call it the button arch it is really cool! The buttons in the hole room just look like a stars sky and that is how Nick Cave wanted it to look. Nick Cave buys most if not all of the things he uses in this art work at the thrift store or at flee markets . There is a spectacular room of animals! In that room Nick wanted the dogs that were laying down to how lots of room to stretch out. In this particular room there were six dogs and one monkey.

Nick cave is a great artist he dose not only costumes but dose statues as well. He is very precise with all of his work. This is a amazing exhibit and it is very worth while to see. Nick Cave has also made a little area for kids to design there own sound soundsuit and be creative. This area is straight and to the right of the exit of the expedition you can also take pictures of your work in the gallery to the side. Nick Cave has also made little punching bags that are in the place to the side.