history of firefighting




Fire fighting has changed a lot over the years. Roy Gebhaus would know he volunteered on the Denver fire fighting forces for 42 years before he before he retired two years ago. So today he gave us a tour of the Denver fire fighters museum.

The history of the water pump
First Roy showed us the history of the fire pump.it stared with the man pulled and man powered water pump. It took from 12 to 15 men to power one pump. There were men on either side of the pump as they pushed up and down and pumped the water from a water source into a hose and had the water sprayed on to the fire. Each of the men could last up to a minute pumping up and down. Later in time fire fighters started using the more energy efficient pump; the fire hydrant.


People say that the old fire house is haunted. Roy said one night he invited a ghost busting team to the fire house. Roy asked; what year the museum installed the concrete floors. When they replayed the tape, Roy said he heard after he asked his question a very different voice say, ‘What concrete?”