Journey to Sojourn




Contemporary artist Nick Cave exhibits his soundsuits in the Sojourn exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. This exhibit features approximately 40 new works of art. Nick incorporates buttons, sequin, and beads in his art. In the second gallery of the exhibit, it feels as if you were under the stars with black mesh pinned with buttons. Nick hand strands all of the beads in his sculptures.


In one of the galleries named Rescues, Nick incorporates dogs. You will see six dogs and one monkey. Nick uses found art. Found art is things that you would find at a thrift store or flea market. He designed most of the art work especially for the museum. All of the soundsuits make noise.


This exhibit has tons of different pieces of art. Nick Cave shows in his art that every minute counts. There is an interactive part of the museum for children and adults. It includes felt soundsuits that you can decorate. This exhibit will run through the Denver Art Museum until September 22nd.


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