Sojourn,the sound suit miracles


Sojourn is an art exhibit that is on display at the Denver art museum. All of the artworks in the exhibit are specially designed by Nick Cave. Nick Cave is a very interesting artist. He will shop at flea markets and thrift stores to find random objects that speak to him. He can look at an object right away and know what he will use it as in his artwork.

He refers to his exhibit as a walk through his imagination. He designs Sculptures and soundsuits. He calls his creations sound suits because when he dances in them they make noise. His sound suits are covered in different things. Some are covered in buttons and doily cloth. Others are made out of a long shaggy hair. One suit even had fake bear fur on it.

His Sculptures are a whole other story. He will find all of these bead strands and objects like metal flowers or birds and will make them into a sculpture. He even created sculptures to kind of shelter these dog statues. He also created these walls. First there are cloths, then all of the beads and random objects, and then these crystals that make rainbows on the floor. There is also this cool room at the end of the tour. He designed it himself with some help to. You can create your own sound suit basically. You should really go see the exhibit. It will be an adventure out of this world.