His name is John but everyone calls him Crash. Everyone has since that fateful Christmas where Crash got his first football helmet, and then head butted  his cousin Bridget right out the door and into the bush. From that moment in time, Crash has been crashing into things from life, to people on the field. Crash was on top, even in first grade.

But when new kid Penn Webb moves into Crash's territory, Crash is determined to win. After an evening at the Webb's house Crash has avoided Penn until seventh grade. In this laugh out loud five star book Crash is faced with parents that work all the time, a smart- aleck little sister, a crush, his best buddy Mike Deluca, and pranks galore. This book for all ages, the favorite character Crash is faced with life changing decisions,but he must choose one and only one. What will Crash do? Find out in Crash by Jerry Spinelli!