Laugh Out Loud With Dr.Nicholas




“Dr. Nicholas is Ridiculous” is My Weird School series book # 8 by Dan Gutman and illustrated by Jim Paillot. The weirdness continues in this book. A.J., the main character does not like school and his friends; Ryan,Michael and Neil think all the teachers are funny — and weird.


Ella Mentry had a state level test of history but the students of that school got the lowest scores for their school. A week after the test Mr.Klutz the school principal announced that since their school did not so well, the school will have to close down . But, they got another chance to keep their school open. Mr. Klutz hired a local college history teacher Dr. Nicholas to teach students so students can perform good on the test. Dr. Nicholas is the weirdest history teacher in history because she does not care about wars or presidents. She teaches the students about the history of toilet bowls, barbie dolls and hot wheels. Is she crazy? She built a time machine so she can take the kids in the past. Guess who is going to get stuck in time and if the school will stay open or not?


I think this was a great book for ages 9 and younger and the language is appropriate for this age group.The jokes will make you laugh in every chapter if you look on the bottom of some pages there you will see some jokes.This 106 page and 11 chapter book has a comical appearance in illustration. I loved this book, especially compared to all the other Dan Gutman books I have read.