National Geographic Almanac 2014






If you want to know about 2014, “National Geographic Almanac 2014” would be a great book to read and explore.

There are a few ways to read this book. You can read every single word and page, or you can scroll through the book and read what sound interesting.

The book is divided in ten sections that are about 2014. You will find information about inventions or just cool ideas.

In Culture Connections you can see the Chinese calendar and all the dates of holidays in 2014.

Some of the information in the book will continue research that has been started in recent yers, like finding leftovers from Amelia Earheart’s plane in 2014.

One section is a game section, so if you are trying to read the book in one day, the section will give you a brain break. In some of the games, you might have to use your brain but mostly, it’s just a fun section for you to enjoy when you are taking a break from information.

At the end of each section there are two things, the first thing is a paragraph to help your writing. The paragraphs will explain how to write a report on a topic in the National Geographic book. The second thing is a stump your parent quiz. The quiz has six questions from information in the book. Parents do not read the section because the kid is trying to stump them.

My favorite section in the book is Amazing Animals because the pictures are cute and funny. Some pictures are just of animals sitting, and some are of animals doing funny scenes, like a fox devouring a trashcan. For people who are animal lovers like I am, Amazing Animals would be a section that you would love.

I would give the book 5 out of 5 stars. I think the authors explained each topic well and also added fun things to go with it.

              “National Geographic Almanac 2014” is a great book with loads of descriptive information.