One Direction Brings Energy to the Big Screen


The moment all "Directioners" have been waiting for is here.

The moment all "Directioners" have been waiting for is here. One Direction's new movie, "One Direction, This is Us" has been released! The documentary chronicles the five boys daily life on tour, as well as gives back-story about their rise to the top. It also includes interviews with Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam, their families, and their tour crew. And for all those true "Directioners" out there, there are tons and tons of Behind-the-Scenes footage of the boys you love!


         Even people who are not super-fans of One Direction could enjoy this movie. It's funny, but not in a staged way. The boys are just naturally fun-loving, always joking around and having fun. Interviews with the boys and their parents, (admitting that this world-famous thing is still kind of surreal and that they miss each other) kept the film real, as well as provided intimate moments for people that enjoy some heartfelt moments in their movies.


         But if you are looking for a film with a strong plot, this not the right movie for you. Like most celebrity documentaries, it simply follows the boys through their life, with no real story arc. It is also quite repetitive, following a loud concert scene, intimate interview, loud concert scene, intimate interview pattern through the entire movie. Since the movie is in 3D, the concert scenes are very cool, with animation popping excitedly across the screen and toward your face. The energy could sweep anyone up! Those scenes are also the loudest, though, and the thousands of screaming fans, loud party music, and 3D aspect can create a headache, just a warning. But for those that don't feel like braving a One Direction concert, this film is a great alternative!


         If you weren't planning to see this movie, I think you should give it a second chance. It is genuinely funny and shows a cool aspect of this band that you don't always see. Even parents enjoyed this film! I would rate it a 3 and a 1\2 out of 5 stars due to its lagging plot. Despite this, you should check out this loose, fun-loving movie as a last hurrah before the school year starts.