Bite and Blood


Hokuu, an evil 30 foot long frilled shark plans to take over the ocean.

Hokuu, an evil 30 foot long frilled shark plans to take over the ocean. After recently forming an alliance with Grimkahn, A giant Mosasaur who rules a large horde of deadly Frilled Sharks and Mosasaurs, Hokuu plans to use the horde and Grimkahn to his advantage. But Gray, the current ruler of the ocean, plans to stop them with his force of sharks. This book, Shark Wars, The Last Emprex by EJ Altbakcer, is filled with danger, excitement and adventure. The book mingles all of the most important characters thoughts, even the antagonists of the story. The book has classic adventure, but presents it in a new type of way.
 The story has violence, but is filled with practical and imaginable battles and fights. While all of the different parts of the book go on, Gray must master Shar-kata, a mystical power (much like “The Force” from Star Wars) that can be harnessed by all types of fish. Shar-kata allows sharks to blast balls of mystical power at targets and put force fields around them. Takiza, the Siamese fighting fish (Gray’s master in Shar-kata), Leilana (Gray’s spyfish advisor), Barkley (Gray’s advisor), Gray and many more embark upon a war that will change the ocean forever. The book weaves together the adventure, violence, and thoughts perfectly. If you’re looking for a good book to bring on a road trip or to just have a good read, Shark Wars, The Last Emprex will suit you.