Henry Neff Takes “Action Packed” to a Whole New Level!


The world is on the brink of destruction. The demons have started a war, and Rowan is caught in the midst of it. Someone has revived some of the most powerful assassins to ever roam the earth, and they are after Rowan’s Hound, Max McDaniels. It will be difficult, if not impossible, for Max to fight his way out of this one.


Written by Henry Neff, The Maelstrom, book four in The Tapestry series, is a gripping fantasy including lost loves, magic, and lots of action! The descriptions in this book are quite clear, and they really put an image in your head. The author also has fanciful word choice, using words like “rumbled” and “insidious” instead of “said” and “sneaky”. This without a doubt makes the book more engaging and enjoyable.


I would put this book in the “Young Adult” category, because it contains some colorful language and it is a bit complex. You should definitely read the other three books before you read this one, as it is a bit difficult to follow even when you know the background, not to mention if you hadn’t read the rest of the series. It almost seems as if the author is trying to cram all the events into this one book, and although the fast pace certainly makes it more entertaining, it makes it a bit hard to follow. I personally believe that it would have made it easier to read if it would have been two books.


Although it has its pros and cons, this is a brilliant book. If you like action, romance, and magic, then you will absolutely adore this enchanting tale!