Kids Helping Kids


         Are you a middle school or high school student and looking for a volunteer opportunity?

         Are you a middle school or high school student and looking for a volunteer opportunity? Recently, I found out about a great volunteer job! It involves the organization Blue Sky Bridge which supports children who have been abused and their families. Blue Sky Bridge (BSB) provides advocacy, intervention, and education programs. They also offer a unique opportunity for teens to become a Junior Advocate for them. Teens in this program help raise money, organize and run special events, and pass out information for the BSB nonprofit. I talked to Gina Earles, the director of BSB, and some of the Junior Advocates to find out more about this neat program.



The Junior Advocate program has been going  since 2009. Most of the members started with the program. Every month, the 11 Junior Advocates meet at Blue Sky Bridge for a pizza party! They get to know one another and make plans for the upcoming events that they are in charge of organizing. One of those events is the Munchkin Masquerade, a Halloween parade for kids on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. Throughout the parade, Junior Advocates distribute flyers and chat with people about Blue Sky Bridge. Another favorite event of the Junior Advocates was this year's discount ticket-sale at Gateway Fun Park in Boulder.

     "That event was fun because we got to plan the event, and talk to the kids and parents all by ourselves!" Paula, a 13 year old Junior Advocate said.



The teens' reasons for becoming a Junior Advocate varied. Paula says she joined the Junior Advocates because child abuse is a sad thing and she just wanted to help. Sophia, age 14, added that she was looking for community service work and she chose this because it involves helping kids her age. Whatever the reason, being a Junior Advocate sounds like a great experience and anyone looking to give back to the community should give it a go! You can visit Blue Sky Bridge's website at and contact them at or by phone at 303-444-1388.