Beyond the Moongate


“Beyond the Moongate”, a story by Elizabeth Quan, is about a young girl from Canada who travels to China. She stays there for two years with all of her siblings and her parents to meet Popo, an astonishing grandmother the young children have never met. There they celebrate holidays, go to school, help Popo with her piglet, and much more.


A neat part of this book is every other page has beautiful watercolor illustrations done by the author . This book is approximately 39 pages long and half of that is pictures. “Beyond the Moongate” by is fun to read because each page is new story from the same adventure. I enjoyed this book because the author doesn’t dwell on any ideas like some other books.


I also enjoyed this book because it was short and concise which made it a fast read or a good ‘just pick up read a little bit when you get a chance’ book. It would be a great book to read with or to someone. It would make for a great class read aloud. “Beyond the Moongate” is definitely a great book to read in the car when you need something short.


I would recommend this book to all ages. I think it is a great book to start the school year off with and perfect for the whole family.