Across a Star Swept Sea


     Sequel to “For Darkness Shows the Stars,” Diana Peterfreund’s, “Across a Star Swept Sea,” is a must-read.

     Sequel to “For Darkness Shows the Stars,” Diana Peterfreund’s, “Across a Star Swept Sea,” is a must-read. The novel tells the unlikely love story of two completely different people. In this futuristic world, the two countries that still exist after the Dark Days (the huge war) have lived in relative peace until now. Their countries are starting to clash and a war is obviously on the way but neither country wants to be the one to start it.


     Persis Blake, the Albian aristo seems to have the perfect life, riches, famous parents, a private yacht, and even a fancy, one of a kind pet, but she does not live such a life of luxury as people think. Instead, she has a secret. A secret that nobody can know about, not even her parents. For surely, if anyone finds out, her life is at risk. Then there’s Justen. He’s a Galatean scientist who also seems to live the life of luxury; money, famous grandparent, great scientific mind, and even the adopted son of the country’s ruler. But like Persis, his life isn’t as easy as it seems. He also has a secret that nobody can find out about unless he wants to end up dead.


     Little do these two know, fate is about to bring them together in an awkward and unexpected way and they won’t ever realize what they will become to each other. After all, they are on opposite sides of the revolution, support two completely different causes, have two different priorities, and have low opinions of each other, but they both face the same punishment for their similar crimes. Reduction.


     When Persis tries genetemps that don’t go so well, she ends up sick and, if it weren’t for Justen, she would be dead very soon. After Persis has recovered, she knows that she must guard her secret with her life, or else Justen could fuel the war and civilization would be lost.


     After frauds, squabbles, fights, apologies, adventures, discoveries and a lot of time, Persis and Justen both have feelings for each other. Neither one of them wants to admit it, but it is obviously true.


     I enjoyed this book and its story, but it was hard to get into and it has almost nothing to do with the first book in the series. It has a completely different set of characters, takes place in a different location, and the old characters, though they do become involved, don’t appear in the story until over halfway through. You don’t have to read the first book to understand the second and in some ways it’s confusing trying to connect the stories. The story begins in an unclear and confusing way. I had a hard time understanding it because there were no familiar names or objects and no explanation for what happened to the other people. Once you realize that it’s not connected, the story becomes clearer.