Bonding over Books


A recent event at the Arvada Library is dubbed a success.

A recent event at the Arvada Library is dubbed a success. Called Books and Bites, local readers and authors came together to talk reading, writing, and books while munching on food from the Scrumptious food truck just outside the library.



A talk with authors Brenna Yovanoff and Emily Hainsworth gave insight on what being an author of young adult books is like.



Emily told that she loved writing all her life, but said, "I just didn't really try."



While the answer for this varies with the author, Brenna said that her personal favorite part of writing was revision and editing. Though some don't enjoy that part of the process, Brenna backed up her answer with saying that stage is when the book becomes perfected.



Both have a dream of writing a series. So far, they have both written stand alones, Emily the author of Through to You, and Brenna the author of Paper Valentine, The Space Between, and The Replacements.



The ladies agreed that the most exciting part of writing a book is holding the book because it's something they created. They said that it's a weird moment because it becomes real.



Talking to authors, they all had different opinions about writing. But that's a fascinating and exciting part of reading and writing: no two people have the same ideas. Books and Bites was a spectacular moment to readers and writers who now have met people who've successfully written and published a book. For aspiring writers to talk to other writers, it's inspirational, but for all who came, it was memorable.