Shrek Is Back, But Singing!


Shrek the Musical is a unique movie that is actually a recorded Broadway show.


Shrek the Musical is a unique movie that is actually a recorded Broadway show.


In this movie, an ogre named Shrek lives in a swamp and minds his own business. But one day, a ton of fairytale creatures show up in his swamp. The ruler of a town called Duloc, Lord Farquaad, has sent them there. Shrek wants to them to leave, so he sets off to give Lord Farquaad a piece of his mind. On the way he meets a crazy talking donkey. Shrek is aggravated with Donkey, but lets him go to Duloc with him.


In town, Lord Farquaad wants someone to save Princess Fiona from her tower so he can marry her and become king. He decided to have a competition to see who would go and save her. Lord Farquaad held it right as Shrek and Donkey arrived. He made a deal with him that if Shrek rescued Princess Fiona, Farquaad would have the fairytale creatures leave his swamp.


This was a crazy fun musical. The costumes were great. They did a great job making Lord Farquaad look like he did in the movie (really short).
Their effects had a fun and very realistic element to them, though it is helpful to have seen some other musicals to understand some if the effects. Because you forget it is a movie, you want to clap after a particularly good song.


However, Shrek the Musical was very long and got off to a slow start. But the funny and adventurous parts in the middle made up for it. It is kind of hard to follow unless you know the original movie, so this may not be a great movie for younger kids.


I really liked this movie. It was super funny and I highly recommend it.