After Iris takes you on a unforgettable adventure


 “After Iris” is a touching story written by British author Natasha Farrant. This is her first book published in the U.S. and it is about four siblings, Bluebell, Jasmine, Twig, and Flora Gadsby, and how they cope after their sister, Iris, dies unexpectedly. They also have to deal with their parents fighting and the parents being away from the children and each other for long periods of time.

This book takes you on a 260-page roller coaster ride of emotion, in which you are sure to laugh and cry, and you won't want to stop. This novel is an unforgettable journey to London; Devon, France, and back. This is a beautiful story nearly any child can enjoy any time of the year and anywhere. It has many funny parts like the prank played on an old schoolmate, and the brother changing his name. The plot was described thoroughly but not with too many words. As you read, you will see the second side to the relationships between Flora, Iris, Blue, the children’s babysitter, and Flora’s boyfriend.

This is an emotional book that can be very humorous.

This is a great book with a few flaws. It switches between regular diary entries and transcripts, which can be hard to follow. This book has some mature content and a little violence. There are some words from England, such as “rubbish” meaning garbage, which can be hard to understand. I would recommend this novel for middle schoolers and up.