Officially Amazing World Records


Did you know that the world’s shortest m

Did you know that the world’s shortest man is only 1ft 9.5 in. tall?  Hard to believe, but true.  This and 4,000 other officially amazing records can be found in the 2014 Guinness World Record Book, which is out and for sale at your local bookstore!   


Stuart Claxton, Marketing Director of the Guinness World Records, has always been interested in records and read all the Guinness books as a kid.  He says his biggest talent is holding his breath underwater for over a minute. Unfortunately, the world record holder can do it for over 20 minutes! 


No one person could put together the Guinness books.  There is a large team of men and women who review and check all 50,000 enquiries that they receive every year.  All the records that get into the book must be measurable, verifiable, and breakable.  This year’s book contains over 4,000 records and Claxton and his crew have met many of the record holders. 


One of the strangest records they have published is the highest bungee jump into water on fire!  However, Claxton says his favorite record is for the longest ramp-to-ramp jump on a motorcycle, set in 2001 at 251 feet.

As I read through the 2014 records, some of the entries disgusted me, some amazed me, some even made me laugh.  This book definitely has something for everyone!

 The Guinness world record book got its start in 1955 when a group of hunters couldn’t agree on what was the fastest game bird.  The rest is history.  

Wondering how to become part of the Guinness books?

If you think you have world record breaking talent, send a claim to and one of Stuart Claxton’s teams will review it. 

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed that you are as good as you think you are!