Cliff-Hanger A Mystery in Mesa Verde National Park by Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson


     Olivia Landon is an animal expert and the mother of Jack and Ashley.

     Olivia Landon is an animal expert and the mother of Jack and Ashley. She was called to go to Mesa Verde National Park to help solve the mystery of a cougar attacking a little boy. When a foster child named Lucky Deal comes the evening before their departure to Mesa Verde, Jack is furious at Lucky for ruining the trip. Then, Lucky tells him something she’s never shared with anyone and changes his opinion about her. Upon arrival at Mesa Verde, Lucky sneaks out in the middle of the night to make a phone call to her so called friend Maria in the hospital. Why in the middle of the night? Is Maria even real; or is she a cover for someone else? Is Lucky lying about her past? Ashley was suspicious of her ever since she thought she saw Lucky take something from a burned area in the park. Will Ashley’s suspicions be proven correct at a midnight confrontation?

     I thought this was an excellent book. I loved the mystery and also that there were some facts about Mesa Verde incorporated. If you wanted to learn a bit about the park or the Puebloans who lived there, you might want to consider this book. The authors tell the story in an educational and fun way. I haven’t read any other books in the series, but by reading this one, I want to read them all! Even if you don’t like mysteries, I think you would still enjoy this book.