The Scariest Workshop Ever!


What does MDPL stand for? “Minion Dogs Publish Litter”? No, it stands for “Metro Denver Promotion of Letters”. MDPL explodes imaginations with free creative writing workshops for kids each and every month. Many kids love to write at MDPL.

When I heard of an exciting workshop, called “Scary Story Celebration,” I thought I would love it because writers like me get to put their ideas on paper, read out loud in small groups, and feel comfortable sharing stories. I got to choose a smaller group, which made it exciting to combine ideas. For example, one person would say “we were roasting marshmallows”, then the next person included “under the stars”, and another would add “until we heard a frightening sound.” Most workshops are at Back Space, but this one was at the Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys. All the dolls’ eyes seemed to look at me; there were many scary things. I think MDPL picked the right place for the workshop.

We started by sharing some of our own personally scary tales, to help us brainstorm. Next we chose the room we wanted to write in. The Museum’s spooky rooms motivated me to create an image in my head. The dollhouses and the little doors ended up in my story, which you can listen to at Everyone recorded their stories in the attic with a spooky voice.  In fact, MDPL does some kind of publishing at every workshop.

In addition, the workshop included donuts with teeth and scary big eyes for a snack and the chance to share our frightening stories with each other in the dark. I left feeling inspired to write another story.

MDPL has one or two free creative writing workshops every month as well as free after school reading and writing tutoring on Tuesdays.