Cupcake Wars






If you have a sweet tooth, or you are in the mood for a sweet treat, cupcake places are a great place to go. There are many cupcakes in the Denver area that serve delicious cupcakes.



One cupcake stores is Tipsys. Tipsy’s cupcake store is located in Stapleton shopping mall. The special thing about there cupcakes, is that some of them have alcohol infused in them and the other cupcakes are either kiddy flavors which are specially designed for kids, and the rest are just normal cupcakes. After you have finished dinner, or seeing a movie at the movie theater next to the cupcake store, you can go purchase your yummy dessert at Tipsys.



Another store called Cake Crumbs is located in Park Hills. Cake Crumbs is not just a Cupcake store, but it is a bakery that serves delicious pastries such as cakes, brownies, and cookies. After you order your yummy treat, you can find a table in the restaurant to eat you food.



To top of this " Cupcake Wars," there is Big Fat Cupcake, which is located in Cherry Creek. Big Fat Cupcake has a variety of flavors and has their Signature Buttercream. They are also very seasonal, meaning they have special cupcakes for each holiday. Big Fat Cupcake is also on the rode because they have a van where they can sell cupcakes to customers. There are many cupcake stores world wide, so if you are in the mood for a sweet treat, go visit a cupcake store.



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