Spies or no Spies




Most kids loathe going to school where all there is to do is math, science, reading, and writing. But what about a school where there is nothing of the sort? Where there are spies? "Spy School" by Stuart Gibbs is exactly that. The title is what the novel is about; spying.


The story starts out with a seemingly regular kid (who is the main character) named Benjamin Ripley attending a CIA (Central Investigation Agency) academy school.


Benjamin thinks that people at Spy School take spying and fighting a little bit too seriously!


Benjamin had a few struggles during the first few days at Spy School; like getting stuck in "The Box" for a week, having ninjas go after him, and having a group of people kidnap him. Not the most spectacular day.


"The Box" is a form of punishment for the student. Benjamin's hope rises when a girl named Erica Hale comes and rescues him from The Box. Together, they figure out that a group of people are planning something deadly at their school.


Are kids at Spy School trying to do this? Will Benjamin and Erica be able to save Spy School? Read on to find out what will happen!


Spy School by Stuart Gibbs brings on a spectacular show of mystery and suspense. This 290 page book is different from other books because of the author's use of metaphors, and a clever ending. I would recommend this book for grades 6 and up because there were a few words that younger kids wouldn't understand. The words include cryptography, and pinwheel.