From the minute Daisy, "Fur Real Friends Plays-With-Me-Kitty," was picked up,  she started meowing and made non-stop kitty sounds for an entire 45 minute car ride home! 


This kitty can stand up on its hind legs, move its paws forward and backward, cuddle, sing and makes purring sounds. These functionalities don’t work all the time though. For example, she doesn’t always jump up and chase the pink fluffy feather duster on cue. It also takes a few tries and some practice to get it to work. The children interviewed would recommend this toy for girls ages 5 and older. Although this is an adorable furry critter, it is not ideal to sleep with because of the hard interior. The price of this toy was described as being a little too steep according to a few parents and their kids.


Amy Kibort, a 9-year old plush toy animal expert from Highlands Ranch, remarked, “It’s realistic sometimes and little kids would really like it, if they don’t have a cat.” She enjoyed the singing function of this kitty best and described it as being an overall comforting and fun toy.


If you’re crazy about cute kittens, you would enjoy this appealing toy.


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