Heart-warming Read with Adventure


The book “Picture Me Gone” is a very heart-warming story about love, family, adventure, and friendship.

The book “Picture Me Gone” is a very heart-warming story about love, family, adventure, and friendship. The main character, Mila, and her father, Gil go to New York looking for Gil’s friend Matthew who mysteriously went missing right when Gil and Mila had planned a trip out to visit all the way from their hometown in London. The thing about Mila is that she has a special power. She can read a room. By that, I mean she can get a lot of information about the people and/or things in that room by touching the objects and just sensing the presence of that room. Mila’s special gift can be either a gift or a curse, depending on the state of the room or people in the room that either there right at the moment or were there at sometime, whether or not they were supposed to be. Mila thinks she can find Matthew with her power, but she shouldn’t be so sure of herself.

On the last moment before they leave to New York, Gil receives word that Matthew has disappeared. The big decision that Gil and his wife, Marieka, have to make is whether or not Mila should still go. Mila ends up in New York with her dad, at Matthew’s house, with his wife Suzanne, his son Gabriel, and his dog, Honey. Suzanne is a little too eager to get them out of the house, seeing that she gave them so much information and rushed them out of the house. She even made them take the dog with them!

On the road, they come across many things that they are not used to in London. They also come across one of Gil’s and Matthew’s friends from high school and Mila makes a new friend, Jake. Jake turns out to be something that she doesn’t expect. You’ll just have to read the book to find out. Jake and his mother reveal some secrets about Matthew that neither Mila or Gil saw coming, and you won’t see them coming either. There are many things unexpected about this story, so be prepared to expect the unexpected.

I give this novel an age rating of 12 years and up because of some really minor language and some more intense parts of the book. Everyone will find something interesting in this book, I guarantee it.