One World One Roar


 Listen to Lakewood roar!


 Listen to Lakewood roar!


At the end of August, Lakewood High School entered a competition to make the best school music video for Katy Perry’s new song, “Roar.” On Friday, September 25, as a prize for winning the contest, Katy Perry herself came to the school and gave a 5 song concert that was broadcasted live on Good Morning America.


 Sounds like a pretty magnificent experience, wouldn’t you think? Yes, the students sure thought so. Loud music, flashing lights, screaming fans–everyone at Lakewood was on their feet having a great time during the concert. Katy Perry talked to students, took “selfies” with her cell phone, and even let two football players give her birthday kisses on the cheek.


But the truly inspiring message from the students and staff at Lakewood is the challenge that principal Ron Castagna issued in the midst of all the fun.


 His challenge is for every high school, public and private, across the U.S. to raise $1000 for a non-profit organization of their choice. If every school accepted this challenge, that would be $39 million going towards helping others.


In an interview with 9News, Mr. Castagna said, “We want to prove to America, that this generation is the next greatest generation. They’ve really got their heart engaged before their brains, and they care. ”


The students at Lakewood High School have already surpassed their $1000 mark and students at many other schools across the nation have joined them.


Not only are high schools participating, many local elementary and middle schools are also stepping up to meet the challenge.


You can learn how to participate, log your school’s contributions, and see a list of the schools and their donations on the website.