Champion Review


               The book Champion is an amazing finish to the Legend series.

               The book Champion is an amazing finish to the Legend series. In the third book, Day and June fight to save the Republic from being taken over by the Colonies.



               After months without contact, Day, the Republic’s revolutionary hero, and June, the Republic’s prodigy and Princeps Elect, have to team up again to look for a cure that the Colonies desperately need. The Colonies are aided by other countries, and are sure to win the war. They compromise with the Republic and say that if they can find a cure for the disease that is spreading through their people like wildfire, they won’t start the war. Now that Day has his little brother Eden again, he refuses to let him out of his sight. Commander Jameson, who now works for the colonies, has escaped her death sentence and is at large. As the Colonies start to take cities from the Republic, things look very grim. Will June and Day be able to save their country and their loved ones?


            This finale was by far my favorite out of all three books in the series. Marie Lu knew just how to fill this book with suspense, action, and many surprising twists and turns. She skillfully brought the trilogy to a perfect end that will shock many people. I would recommend this great book for girls and boys ages 11+ because of a little bit of language, and some content that may be hard to follow for someone younger than 11. If you enjoyed the other two books in this series, Champion is a must read!