Skyscraper of Justice


     With Christmas coming up, you might need a toy for a young kid.

     With Christmas coming up, you might need a toy for a young kid. "Cityville Invasion Skyscraper Mayhem" (made by Kre-O) is a good toy for children, who would enjoy making a Lego skyscraper and defending it from evil villains. The package that the Legos come in says that this toy is for ages 7 to 14, but the age range for kids that would play with it would be around ages 7 to 9. Although it is fun, it is best to have an adult or older kid to help. The Legos can be hard to put together and take apart at times, and the package the Legos are in is hard to open. It is also recommended to have mature kids play with the toy because there are Lego guns. It takes a long time to put together making it better for multiple kids. It doesn't have a story behind it, but creative children can make their own!


The instructions aren't that easy to follow, mostly because the Legos don't come sorted, so it might be a good idea to sort some of the Legos before having the kids play with them. Children will have fun making their own ideas and building it with the Legos. There are tons of possibilities, and it starts with curious and creative minds!