Trash Wheels




Have you ever thought that a junkyard can be fun? If you answered no, think again, because thats where the toy Trash Wheels comes in! Trash Wheels shows how to recycle, reuse and play with the material that was once junk.


Trash Wheels includes two nano cars, two ramps, three fences, one recycle machine, one car crusher, two roads, a liftable bridge, a junkyard, one crane and a board. In short, this toy everything needed to complete and build a junkyard city!


This toy is easy to assemble because it is kind of like legos and does not need any batteries to operate. The features in Trash Wheels includes launching cars by pressing a button, crushing the cars with a lever and pressing a button on the crane where the line would extend.


I would recommend Trash Wheels for ages 4-7 because it is an opportunity to learn how to recycle and reuse, along with some other fun! Older kids such as 11 and up may or may not like this toy depending on their knowledge of recycling. Although this Trash Wheels is fun at first, there was nothing left to do after building the city/junkyard.