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Glitzi Globes are a cute way to express creativity – while playing!

Glitzi Globes are a cute way to express creativity – while playing! Whether you want to create a mini orange globe with an elephant in it or a large globe with a moving carousel and lots of little critters.


When opening the package,  don't, and I mean DON'T try to assemble the globes without first looking at the instructions.  All the knick knacks that come in the box are confusing enough with the instructions, and glitter will probably be spilled on your floor if you don't take the five minutes to read the instructions.


Which leads to my next advice… It's wise to do this over something you don't want to be "sparklified" or potentially damaged with water. Part of what makes this toy so intriguing for youngsters is the glitter and water swirling around. 


When making the globes, you'll take a plastic dome and set it in the "globe maker," as they call it. Adding glitter and confetti type things, an animal will then we attached to the base. After water is put in the dome, you shut the globe maker, press down, and voila! Your Glitzi Globe is made!


Simple enough, which is why girls ages 5-9 would be the target audience to enjoy Glitzi Globes, mainly because of attention span and needing help. Making the globes requires a bit of time, but the results will be worth it. Glitzi Globes are fun in a petite way.