‘Frozen’ Will Melt Your Heart


“Frozen” should be at the top of everyone’s holiday movie list.

“Frozen” should be at the top of everyone’s holiday movie list. It tells the story of Anna, an optimistic and daring princess, who sets off to find her sister, Elsa, who runs away after accidentally trapping the Kingdom of Arendelle in an eternal winter. Elsa is the newly crowned queen who has the power to create ice and snow. Along the way, Anna meets Kristoff, a mountain man who cuts and sells ice for a living, and Olaf, a hilarious and affectionate snowman who likes warm hugs.


“Frozen” is fast and exciting in places, like when Anna and Kristoff are being chased by wolves. It is also funny at times, especially in the scenes with Olaf and Sven, Kristoff’s loyal reindeer friend who acts more like a puppy. The movie is sometimes sad too, such as when Elsa shuts out Anna when they were young after almost killing her with her powers.


The story ends with an important message: Love is stronger than fear. It left me feeling happy. Even though the movie was in 3-D, nothing really popped out at the audience after the first scene. This Disney film is rated PG for “scary action and mild rude humor." A couple of scenes might be too scary for kids under age 8, but those scenes are over quickly. This film is a must-see for all ages.