Aseem Ganeshe is an average, multi-ethnic 15-year-old boy, except for one thing – he’s a genius. But like all 15-year-old boys, he wants to be on a reality TV show. But there are some obstacles standing in his way.

Aseem is the main character in “Gifted,” a play written by Carrie Printz. It is a comedy and is appropriate for ages 10 and up. Printz came up with the character of Aseem while writing a monologue for a character as an assignment for a playwriting class. She thought it would be interesting to write about a multi-ethnic family.

Printz’s play “Gifted” won the Edge Theatre Company's 2012 Festival of New Plays. Printz has loved writing stories since she was a little girl. When she went to college, she took playwriting classes and really enjoyed them. But then she got a job and had a family and forgot about her hidden talent, until five years ago when she got back into playwriting.

She hopes that families will enjoy laughing about “Gifted.”

“I think that the audience will think a lot about their families and people they love while viewing the play,” she said.

“Gifted” will be showing Dec. 6-29 at the Edge Theatre Company in Lakewood. On Sunday, Dec. 8, at 6 p.m., there is a special performance for groups of middle- and high-school students. Following the play, there will be a “talkback” with Printz as well as the cast, where kids can ask questions and give feedback about the play. There are special group prices for students. For tickets, go to

“Gifted” is a great play to see with your family during the holidays. You do not want to miss it!