Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck


Are you looking for a new adventure to follow?

Are you looking for a new adventure to follow? If so, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck by Jeff Kinney takes you into the life of Greg Hefely and allows you to discover the secrets he is waiting to share.


This journey starts with some of Greg's roughest times. His house is full enough already, and now Greg has to deal with the craziest members yet. From Easter eggs to diamond rings, things are getting pretty out of hand. Just when Greg thinks things can't get any worse, his best friend, Rowley, exchanged him for someone they will both never forget.


Greg tries to keep this special friendship, but nothing can stop an obstacle this big. Greg finds his neighbor, Fregley, and tries to create a new Rowley, but nothing is the same.


Will Greg be stuck like this with no end in sight? Or will he find something that will change his life forever?


I really enjoyed this book because all of the characters are extremely funny. They each have their own personalities which make the book hilarious.


Also, this book holds the best pictures. I personally love to read books that have many pictures because I can see what is happening at the same time I'm reading. Jeff Kinney's drawings include many speech bubbles, so if you're one of those people who love cartoon pictures with speech bubbles to go along, this is definitely the book for you.


I'd say, this book is a good fit for all ages and especially good for kids- and adults- who love the cartoon world. This book is also a good fit for readers who like to see paper that's not fully covered with words. By this, I mean little words on each page.


Below almost every paragraph in this book is a picture, so your eyes can take a break. I truly love this because these paragraphs are little so I can keep my eyes from burning. Over all, I find this one of the best books a reader like me has read.