Thespians Thrive at ThesCon


You've heard of ComicCon, but have you heard of the 49th annual ThesCon?

You've heard of ComicCon, but have you heard of the 49th annual ThesCon? The Junior Thespian Day at the Colorado Convention Center invited middle school thespian's from across Colorado to join in a day of fun, acting workshops, and learning! Students had the choice to pick from 6 different workshops for a period of time. Some of the classes available were; stage combat, improv, how to audition for a role,  and beginning tap dance, just to name a few. But the most fun classes were Flash mob, improv and swing dancing!


The flash mob class was a fun upbeat class that was about learning how to do a flash mob with other kids to the song "What Does the Fox Say." It was really cool to interact with other kids from different schools in this class because we all had a blast doing it! I also loved how the improv class had lots of theater games like Zip Zap Zop, which is a pass the energy game. The one I enjoyed the absolute most was the swing dance class!  Swing is like a 1930s/1940s style of dance that is really lively and fun. The instructor,  Joe DeMers from Overstreet Dance Gallery in Littleton, proved to us just how easy and fun this dance style is! We learned how to do some basics  and all kinds of move I didn't even think I could do like the Sugar Scoot!  Girls were even lifted in the air by their partners!   This class was definitely one of the highlights of my day.


The day ended with the play: Charley's Aunt performed by Valor Christian High School. This play took place in the early 1900's and was really entertaining.  The set was outstanding and the costumes looked like they came out of a storybook! Charley's Aunt was very funny, and kept you wondering what would happen next! The play was much better than I thought it would be.  At the beginning it was kind of slow, but picked up pace and became more amusing as it went on. 


All of the new people, experiences, and bonding made me excited for  next year, which is the 50th Anniversary of the Colorado ThesCon.  I  am sure it will be even more exciting as they celebrate this milestone, so be sure and check it out!