Do Not Judge a Book by the Name




           In the third in the series of Fairyland,"The Girl Who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two",by Catherynne Valente September is expecting someone, or something to come her way and drop her off in Fairyland. She misses her friends and hopes to leave home and go on new adventures. Little does she know, that she could be swept away and taken to the moon. There she will embark on a new adventure entirely. The Green Wind only takes her half of the way the rest will rely on Arostotook to take her to the moon. There, she must save Fairyland from a moon-yeti.


            When I read this book, I had not read the first two but not much of them were mentioned. I enjoyed the book and thought that even though it was about Fairyland, it was still a great book to read. Many people might think that Fairyland is for babies, but this book would not be comprehended very well by most people under 8. September was 14 in the book, and that made it seem like it was a more grown-up book. Being about a 14-year-old girl in Fairyland, I think ages 8-14 if the 8 year olds are good readers. Being 14, the main character would be easier to relate too. Overall, I think this book was enjoyable and would be for many ages.