A Magical Mystery


Splendiferous, spindiddly, facto-fabulous.

Splendiferous, spindiddly, facto-fabulous. Word-collector Felicity Pickle is a 6th grade girl who lives in a small apartment with her sister, mom, aunt and uncle. Felicity knew for a fact, though, that they would not stay there for long. Felicity’s family is always traveling. They have lived all over the world and they still haven’t settled down in just one place. Felicity and her younger sister Fannie Jo hope that Midnight Gulch is the final place to call home.


Midnight Gulch used to be a magical place, but ever since the Threadbare brothers left the town, magic is slowly disappearing. Almost everybody still has magic in their veins, but they choose not to use it. Felicity, on the other hand, doesn’t have a choice. She is a word collector. She sees words floating around people’s hair, on walls, on posters, everywhere.


Stone and Berry, the two Threadbare brothers had musical magic. When they played their instruments, everything would dance—trees, clouds, people, and even the grass! Stone and Berry eventually got very competitive and decided to have a duel to see who was a better magician. The loser would be cursed for life and would have to leave the town immediately, using no more magic ever again.


The curse read: “You’re cursed to wander through the night, till cords align, and all’s made right. Where sweet amends are made and spoken, shadows dance, the curse is broken.”


The rest of the story takes you on an adventure with Felicity and her best friend Jonah as they try to figure out the mystery of Midnight Gulch. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it for the average reader ages 10 and up because of the incredible vocabulary.  “A Snicker Of Magic” is very entertaining and I just couldn’t put it down!