Defy by Sara Larson is a Fantasy/Medieval novel that many compare to Disney’s Mulan.

   Defy by Sara Larson is a Fantasy/Medieval novel that many compare to Disney’s Mulan. Alexa’s world is thrown into peril when a great Blevonese army destroys her small village and she is forced to cut her hair, pretend to be a boy, and join the army. With many years of practice and training, her and her brother, Marcel, eventually become a member of the Prince’s guard. But after her brother dies and a sorcerer called Elijin captures the Prince, Alexa, and another of the princes guard, Rylan, her life changes entirely. The sorcerer takes them captive and brings them to Blevon where she trains to beat the King’s sorcerer Iker so the Prince can kill the king. Then, the prince can end his father’s wicked reign and return the kingdom of Antion to it’s peaceful state once again so that there can be peace between Blevon and Antion. Alexa is the next Katniss in the making.


   This book was beautifully written, but seemed rushed. I felt Sara could have extended and better described the battle scene and maybe have cut out some of the time on the trip to Blevon and the beginning at the castle. Overall, this book was a great read and is soon to be the next heroine series. Defy will take more of a medieval approach rather than a dystopian approach like The Hunger Games.


   Defy is made for a much more older audience than Mulan, probably teens 13 and older because of gory battle scenes and mature content. This is Sara Larson’s first book and it is soon to be a series of books. This series is sure to be great so find Defy at your local library or bookstore.