Kids Run the Show at the Stock Show


At the Stock Show, many people tend their animals and prepare them for competition.

At the Stock Show, many people tend their animals and prepare them for competition. But among those people are kids who are showing and helping out their families in the Stock Show.

    Meet Kyle Stranberg, age 13 from Minnesota. He helps his family by feeding and watering their cattle. Stranberg enjoys every part of taking care of the cattle and says that the key is keeping a positive attitude.

    Kyle’s family’s cattle will be judged on their fatness and stance. Stranberg says that it is easier to train the cattle when they are nice. The cattle are trained using several techniques. A cow’s favorite treat: scratching of the belly and top.

Another kid who was helping out with her family’s cattle was Sydney Postle of High Bar located in Mead. Her family was showing off Angus cows. Postle says it is hard work and overwhelming to care for the cattle. When judging Angus cows, the judges look for the whole package and thickness. They also feel them.

On the other side of the complex, Ian Beshear, age 14, was caring for Goldilocks, an Alpaca owned by Peak Ranch Alpacas. Outside of school, Ian feeds the Alpacas and gives tours. Beshear also does shows. He recently competed in November at a show in Loveland.

Ian Beshear’s family’s alpacas will be judged on their fleece and how the animals are handled. Beshear is super excited.

In the arena, Lucy Talkington was preparing to show her alpaca. This 13 year old’s alpaca has been in her hands for one and a half years. Before the show, she was feeling nervous and excited. Her little sister, Nicole was also feeling the same way. She received her alpaca two weeks ago. Lucy stated that her aunt started getting alpacas and experimenting with them 9 years ago.

Among the crowd at the National Western Stock Show, it may seem like it is full of adults. But look closely, and you may find a kid working the Stock Show with his/her family.