11 Year Old Singing Sensation


Behind the scenes of the Mexican rodeo at the stock show is a busy place to be.

Behind the scenes of the Mexican rodeo at the stock show is a busy place to be. There were charros (traditional horseman), caballeros (Mexican cowboys), folkloric dancers, mariachi bands, Jerry Diaz’s world famous horses, and an 11 year old boy from San Antonio, Texas.

Sebastien De La Cruz, also known as El Charro De Oro or the golden cowboy, started this year’s Mexican rodeo by singing the National Anthem. Jerry Diaz, his friend, invited him to sing at the rodeo. He started singing at the age of 4 and now is performing all over. Sebastien travels all over the United States singing the National Anthem, mariachi solo concerts and with different mariachi bands. He has also performed on America’s Got Talent, and the NBA finals.

Sebastien attends public school back in San Antonio. His teachers work with him and give him his work ahead of time if he is going to miss school. “It is important for me to do well in school, so I work hard,” said De La Cruz. Most of his performances are on the weekends so he does not miss a lot of school.

When he performs, he wears a traditional Traje de Charro, or suit of the cowboy. It’s a tradition all the way back to the Aztecs. “I only have about eight different ones,” said Sebastien. The galas, or adornments on the side of his legs are usually made out of real silver and gold. His are not, “because I am growing so fast, we can’t afford to buy real ones.” His plane tickets and hotel room are paid for, by the organization he is performing for.


Sebastien is very respectful and answered questions with yes ma’am. Each time we saw him he was surrounded with kids and their parents wanting to take pictures with him.