Grab your Smiles and goto the Stock Show


Many people wonder about parking.  Where is it, is it free, how many are there?

Many people wonder about parking.  Where is it, is it free, how many are there?   There is 14 parking lots in all, 5 big ones and 9 smaller ones, however some of them are employee parking and truck and trailer parking only. You can take a complimentary shuttle to your destination if you parked  far. When  inside the building, you can buy tickets to get in the stock show.  If you plan to buy rodeo tickets or any kind of ticketed show, which you can find what types on their web site, buy those at the gate or online.

Kids will love the  the 3rd floor of the Expo Hall. There is a  petting zoo, sand art, pony ride with real ponies, agricultural exhibits and more.   On the 1st floor in the Expo Hall, there are alpaca and lamas, some alpaca owners let you touch the fur or even the animal, but make sure you ask first.  The lower level of the Expo hall is where you will find cattle, horses, and small livestock.  Also if the weather permits head outside to the yards and get a closer look at how the people and animals interact.  There is also a catwalk so you can get a good view of the yard.  Make sure to strike up a conversation with an exhibitor, they have really neat stories.

There are food and shop vendors all over.   Most are indoors, but there are carnival style food vendors outside.  Some of the choices you will find are steak, BBQ, cotton candy, funnel cakes and much more.  Shop vendors sell anything from stylish boots to cow milkers.

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