Denver Nuggets


Practice is not just shooting hoops. The Nuggets and other NBA basketball squads divide their teams into two groups-“Bigs” and “Littles”. “Bigs” are generally a little taller than “Littles” ( Also known as ”Smalls”) and shoot more often because they participate closer to the hoop. “Littles” are not necessarily small, but they compete further away from all the slam dunks, which is what gives them their nickname. They only have a bit of time to practice day of big games, so it is important to prioritize so that they practice what coach Brian Shaw knows they need to work on. The first bit of practice is dedicated to making shots. The middle period is spent practicing moves for defense and other circumstances for the night’s game. Then, they practice shooting again, and finally, all of the players play a game to advance their shooting skills in a competitive, yet rewarding way. After sharing exclusive interviews with the media, they all go home and relax before preparing themselves to face their opponents.


But “Smalls” still dream big. “My role model would have to be my mother and Muhammad Ali,” Quincy Miller, Denver Nuggets’ forward #30, shares during a brief interview after practice on January 1st. He is one of the “Littles”. Though they lost, that night, all the players are being optimistic, which is one of #30’s things to remember. His other is one he shares with many, the Golden Rule- treat others the way you want to be treated.


But it is not just the players and coaches who work hard for these games. Quite a few faces aren’t shown in the newspapers when the Denver Nuggets succeed. For example, Aaron Lopez, who is the Communications Specialist for the Denver Nuggets, runs interviews and uploads pictures and videos to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Nugget’s Sideline Reporter/ Pre-Game Host for Altitude , Blake Olson, reports and runs stories for Altitude Sports Network. Many people work behind the scenes at the Pepsi Center for more than just Nugget‘s games. For example, the large arena is home to the Colorado Avalanche Hockey team and Mammoth Lacrosse team, as well as hosts many concerts and events. So if your into basketball, but can’t make a basket from the three point line or aren’t as tall as Timofey Mozgov, who happens to be 7.1 feet tall, there are still NBA jobs for you.


As you can see, being in the National Basketball Association is about more than just fans with foam fingers and a jersey with your name on it.