“Living West” Takes You Back In Time




Some museums can be slow, a snooze, and every once and a while, you walk away with no new facts to share. But ever since the History Colorado Center in downtown Denver opened two years ago, things changed. Using the art of interactive learning, the exhibits have more hands- on models instead words. Perfect for young and old alike, you will walk away wanting more.

But there is plenty to do at the History Colorado Center. “Living West”, the newest addition there, shows three different periods in time- Mesa Verde, the Dust Bowl, and Colorado today. All of the features are related through water, land and choices. At Mesa Verde, you take a quick quiz to see how much water you personally use each day by pumping water into a tube. During the Dust Bowl, you get to experience the Dust Bowl for yourself in a model of a small prairie home. And finally, in Colorado today, you get to drive up to Breckenridge in just four minutes! That’s pretty rare! Plus, just about every display plaque has a surprise button. Anything can happen!

Believe it or not, it took four and a half years to create “Living West”, which means it will be here for a while. Need something for your little sibling to do? Never fear, activities are here. “… I would say the water things I think are the funnest things for kids…” Liz Cook, environmental educator at the History Colorado Center. She helped with the Colorado today section, and learned some interesting facts in the process. Such as the fact Anasazi people had pet turkeys. During different stations, you play with water. For example, in one activity, you open and close dams to provide water for farms. Or, you figure out how much water is in eight feet of snow. No matter what you choose to do, you will end up with a smile on your face.

Even though the entire museum will not be complete for another one or two years, just browsing through “Living West” is enough fun to take up all the time on the parking meter. For more information or a location, visit http://www.historycoloradocenter.org/.