The Eye of Minds


             Imagine a world that you can step out of whenever you want.

             Imagine a world that you can step out of whenever you want. This world seems just as real and is just as important as the real world to many people, but it is completely fake. This is the world that Michael, a gamer, spends most of his time in. “The Eye of Minds,” by James Dashner is the story of Michael’s life, both in the real world and the world known as the VirtNet.


              The VirtNet is like a video game that you can physically be in. You can stay there for hours and do practically whatever you want. Hang out with friends, go to a club, go on a mission, or even jump off bridges as you try to beat the most popular games. And when you come back to the real world, you will be unscathed.


              Michael is a perfectly average, normal kid in this world. He is often in the VirtNet with friends, Bryson and Sarah, and is happy with his life. Just when Michael feels that his life is going great, strange things start to happen. On his way to school, he is followed and soon kidnapped. His captors take him to a lady who delivers some shocking news to him. He has been chosen for a very important mission that could determine the fates of hundreds of other people.


            He’s definitely in for some surprising twists when he accepts, but will he be willing to risk his own and his friends lives for something he knows nothing about? If he is, does he even have a chance at success? Or survival?


             I would recommend this book for kids who are 10 and up because of some violent, and freaky parts. If you enjoy this book, look for the sequel, “The Rule of Thoughts,” this fall and try Dashner’s other series, “The Maze Runner.”