Mascot Creates Sense of Community


Milo the Lynx brings school spirit and a sense of community to Lower Downtown.

Milo the Lynx brings school spirit and a sense of community to Lower Downtown. Named after the Mile High City and Lower Downtown Denver, the University of Colorado at Denver’s mascot, Milo, will be celebrating his first birthday this month. The idea of Milo the mascot was born out of a desire by both students and staff to create a greater sense of community.


Milo became part of the University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) in early 2013. According to Milo’s handler, Caleb Carr, Milo is well on his way to fulfilling his mission. Milo attends three to five events a week and unlike ordinary mascots, Milo’s presence isn’t just felt at sporting events at UCD. Just in the past month Milo has been at two Nuggets games and the National Western Stock Show. He also attends alumni events and recruitment events. Milo is continuing to gain popularity. According to Carr, “Milo’s last school appearance drew over 300 students. ”


Milo has all the right characteristics to draw a crowd. Carr stated that in order to be a mascot like Milo, “You have to be strong, flamboyant, and have every other characteristic imaginable.” Some of these other characteristics range from being athletic to maintaining a positive attitude at all times. Milo has the serious job of being the fun face of the university.


Milo is looking forward to entering his second year as a mascot. He hopes to continue to build a sense of community at the University of Colorado at Denver. His goals for this year are to continue to be someone the students can relate to and to continue to give the university a sense of community, one high-five at a time.