Lynda Mullaly Hunt: A Talented Author


“I asked the nurse how long I’ve been out.” The voice of Carley Connors popped into Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s head one day.

“I asked the nurse how long I’ve been out.” The voice of Carley Connors popped into Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s head one day. This voice was the beginning of a riveting story, One for the Murphys, which would make the Colorado Booklist.


Lynda Mullaly Hunt already knew that she wanted to write a book about someone wanting something long before she heard Carley’s voice in her head. This idea came from Star Wars, inspired by Luke Skywalker. “My son, who was nine years old, loved Star Wars…We were talking about Luke Skywalker, who finds out who is father is. And he’s very happy to find out who is father is, but he’s also very unhappy to find out who his father is. So I started to think what it would be like to create a character that longed for something, like she had to have it to be happy,” Lynda Mullaly Hunt says. In Carley’s case, that was love.

Well, Lynda Mullaly Hunt knew what she wanted to write about, but she also needed to do some research. So she took a social worker and his wife out to dinner and asked them, “Is it plausible?” She wanted to get all the details about foster care just right, but she didn’t want the story to be all about foster care. She wanted to make it realistic, but still about Carley.


In One for the Murphys, one of the most lovable characters is little Michael Eric. Lynda Mullaly Hunt reveals that she actually does have a little brother named Michael Eric, and the Michael Eric in the story is named after him. Julie Murphy is based on Judy Miller, to whom the book is dedicated. Also, if you have a copy of One for the Murphys, you may notice that in the dedication to Judy, it says Maker of Miracles. You also may notice that the first letters of each of those words spell out mom, because Lynda Mullaly Hunt felt that Judy Miller was like a second mother to her.


Lynda Mullaly Hunt may be an author herself, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still have her favorite authors. Lynda Mullaly Hunt loves and is inspired by Katherine Patterson and Patricia Reilly Giff, because “They are geniuses at writing emotion!”


Lynda Mullaly Hunt is an intriguing woman and a talented author, who definitely deserves to have her book nominated for the CCIRA awards. In fact, I’d say that no one deserves to win more.