The Lady Behind “Cinder”- Marissa Meyer


It is cyborg mania! Marissa Meyer, author of “The Lunar Chronicles” recently visited Boulder on her three week long book tour after the third book “Cress” hit the book stores.


    Marissa Meyer claims, “Writing is my fantasy.” She always knew she wanted to be an author. Meyer really enjoyed reading back then (and still does), but she didn’t know which genre she wanted to write until her best friend showed her “Sailors Moon.” This anime TV show inspired Marissa to write stories about the characters, otherwise known as fan- fiction.


    Meyer never really thought she would write science fiction novel until about six years ago when she entered a fan- fiction contest. The host made a list of ten things and you had to include two of the items. Meyer chose fairy tales and sci-fi. She wrote a science fiction story about Puss-in-boots.

    The idea for the Lunar Chronicles came after the contest. She had a dream one night about a cyborg Cinderella. She immediately wrote the idea down and got working on the outline of the series. She says, “I knew it would be a four book series.”


    The Lunar Chronicles includes three books, the fourth coming in 2015. Cinder and Scarlet may be empowering girl characters, but Meyer states that she is most like Cress, the newest character of the series.

    Sure, the Lunar Chronicles may be coming to an end in a year, but Marissa Meyer is writing another book on the prequel of “Alice and Wonderland.” Marissa also says that the rights have been given to make a movie. Yipee!


    The third book, and Marissa’s favorite, “Cress” is an enticing novel. It is really neat how Meyer build a tower out of the characters, Cinder being at the heart. Meyer’s goal was to make an entertaining series. Boy has Meyer met her goals.


    It is especially important that you read “Cinder” and “Scarlet” before reading “Cress”. Otherwise, the book will be SUPER confusing.


    Overall, Marissa Meyer and her new book Cress are bestselling buddies and are moving up the charts.