A Galloping Adventure


          Even books can be an adventure! Luckily, they don’t involve the risk.

          Even books can be an adventure! Luckily, they don’t involve the risk. “Horses of the Dawn: The Escape” (written by Kathryn Lasky) is one of those books. This story is the first in a new series. Great for adventurous animal lovers (especially horse lovers), this book is fast paced, just like a galloping race horse. If you liked the “Wolves of the Beyond” series, you will most likely enjoy this series. These two series have a similar idea behind them, but are still different. The author uses descriptions differently in the two series. This is a good book for middle graders, but fun enough for older students, too. For a book filled with such wonder and excitement, it’s not surprising if it puts you on the edge of your seat.

          After a while of suffering in a ship, a group of horses are wanting to be free. After a mare gave birth to a foal, she is worried the young horse’s legs will grow weak. When the horses are thrown overboard, they are stranded on a kind of place the foal, Estrella, has never seen before: land. The horses will need to find a way to survive on the land, and Estrella will have to lead them.

          The author has written the book with lots of details and an interesting idea. This book stands out from a lot of horse books because of its descriptions. The author describes objects, times, and animals as if you were being introduced to it for the first time, but from a horse’s point of view. The descriptions make it easy to get a picture in your head of what is happening in the story, but will that picture be of Estrella’s success leading the herd to safety?