Devastating Event, Devastating Effects


In a world damaged by sun flares, everyone must fight constantly for their lives.

In a world damaged by sun flares, everyone must fight constantly for their lives. No matter what you do, it is inevitable to protect yourself or anyone else from the deadly and incurable disease, the Flare. This is what life is like for Mark, Alec, Trina and Lana in James Dashner’s, “The Kill Order.” Even if you are somehow able to stay healthy, you are nowhere near safe. Insane people are everywhere and they are always armed.


After the sun flares ravaged the earth, it has become a terrible place. Extreme and potentially deadly heat is almost everywhere. And to make it worse, someone has decided to unleash a disease that slowly takes over the mind and eats away at the brain.


In the beginning of the story, before the Flare is released, the characters are living peacefully in a mountain village, trying to survive and recover from the sun flares. It’s just a normal day in their lives when suddenly they hear an odd noise and darts start falling from the sky. The few attempts at return fire are helpless and those who are hit are in excruciating pain. In the chaos, Lana and Trina find shelter while Alec, a former military man, tries to stow away on the plane dropping the darts. Mark follows and together they succeed. It soon becomes clear that the darts were poisonous and that whatever was in them was deadly.


This book is an adventure packed, mysterious and suspense filled story. It is definitely worth reading. The characters become real and I think you can really connect with some of their feelings. Keep in mind that this is the prequel to Dashner’s series, The Maze Runner, so be sure to read those too. Also, if you like this book, try Dashner’s new series, The Eye of Minds. I loved this book, but would recommend it to kids 12 and up due to some freaky parts and a small amount of foul language.